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“The folly of mistaking a paradox for a discovery, a metaphor for a proof, a torrent of verbiage for a spring of capital truths, and oneself for an oracle, is inborn in us.” ~ Paul Valery 

Introduction à la méthode de Léonard de Vinci



(Priority A, B, or C)


- (B) The Tower of Babel Theory (Radio Wave Interference Communication).

This can be observed scientifically as we speak. Knowing that Radar consists of radio waves, and that all basic life uses some form of communication; if you were to send out a signal in any direction and observe that specific frequency, if there was ever any interference within that radio wave, without coming into contact with any outside source (body of mass), then that interference could be seen as a potential signal received. Locating the direction from which the initiating broadcast signal was sent is crucial.  This may sound unfamiliar at first, but studies show.

Just as time works to our greatest understanding, could the lineage of direction from which the pattern of interruption was discovered be indicative of knowledgeable progression?

A backyard or laboratory telescope set-up and radar emittance device can be aligned to know if the interruption is an identifiable object. Try listening to all radio stations, everywhere, all at once. Valuable time observing each direction will hopefully lead to the cause of an interruption. Begging even more related questions.

Is there a pattern to the sign of interruption in accordance with the Cardinal scope of Altitude? Could hypothetically traveling North through space be towards "a greater civilization" or "many" once sought after by ancient people? Or scattered throughout the South or East or West as well? Orbital Positioning may affect mainly East, West and Half-Wind directional scatter plots. Additionally, exoplanets potentially being significant indicators of otherworldly sentience.

Every message requires a specific amount of time to even think about being received (lightyears away), a lack of interruption might potentially be suggestive of lesser evolution. A pattern of tone would best be noted. Frequencies unperceived by any human life also notable. Species able to communicate at this level of intelligence would already show signs of greater evolutionary characteristics, being that these methods are rather new to Earth and have only recently started to be utilized.

With our universe expanding at a rapidly increasing rate over Time, we can say that if Time itself were to regress, rewind, it would be condensed in and upon itself, so compact that Atoms, Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, etc.  still infinitely divided yet united, would fit in the palm of your hand. Comparable to that of Pangea; the molecules that each of the Galaxies, Constellations consist of may have once been much closer together, the living conditions questionable. The reconstruction of pre-existing particles, with prior "self-recorded" information is quite possible as well (similar to DNA/RNA). There may be particles, molecules, elements we don't know of, but as long as we can identify particles similar to our own that have already traveled throughout the Universe, or at least from planet to planet, we may have "already been there" in a way. Older & Wiser. A particle is infinitely a particle; the distance between two reference points can always be divided infinitely. Infiseconds are not only used for tracking objects; sound, reaction and reflexes to each specific sound is our next major goal.

Originating from far lesser measurements, capable of producing lower & higher frequencies only perceived by other life-forms and possibly our subconscious. We hypothesize that absolute zero (0) has shown itself to be present at least once within the Universe; one zero or two zeros still being referred to as "nothing." Yes, four zeros (0000) or eight zeros (00000000) can still be "doubled or nothing (or fractional)," but could they have started identifying themselves in other sorts of the term? For example, could each of the integers started differentiating themselves rudimentarily such as "right zero, nothing" or "further left zero, nothing" resulting in an abundance, an overload of so much "nothing" that differentiation was the only option? As you know, after decades of trials and tribulations we can program a zero to represent any characteristic we want it to be while online. A hand-drawn 2-dimensional line would single-handedly crash any Modern-day computer with our mathematical processing requests ("too much division") but converting nanometers or inches, any pre-existing unit of length quantification is pretty simple nowadays. 

- (A) Commercial-Grade Holographic Projection Walls, Floors, Phones, Etc.

One of the next great designs. Combining the ideas of television with wallpaper. Whatever visual settings you're in the mood for at the touch of a remote. Fitted to precise specification (outlets, windows, everything accounted for). This is our next project.

From on-screen to in-your-face immersive experience. Possible deals with various paint distributors. A projection wall without the projector. Change the color of your room(s) or watch television, movies at a moment's notice. The original idea of the Moore-Cardinal Converter software was to support the fluidity of motion amongst holograms, to move naturally upon the ground beneath your feet and knowing where that is.

Knowing what's ahead is just as important.

We are working to produce results unlike no other. No unfinished business.

Drones and smart fiber. A series of pulley systems and spools within the drones themselves woven into the fabric first shaped to let's say a humanized morph-suit. The drones can be programmed to know the distance away from themselves and others regarding the starting position.

Without getting tangled, the thread will rearrange itself into the shape of something else. Restructuring itself from a blanket into an orb then back into a person. The catalog of colors will depict the details of difference. With all the technology that already exists, these could be contractor-made personalized holograms, a "HoloVariable" so to speak, to follow you around and once others have them too, send and receive messages to one another.

Appear as other users' images and communicate through the drones' sounds system. Not just knowing what it looks like to others, but how it appears to the HoloVariable. Based on what's on the market right now the smart fiber is wired to heat in specific patterns. The Morse Code of temperature and each hot & cold fragment of wire individually represents a tone. The increased, insulated division leads to friendly ghost-like hyper realistic qualities.

We all as individuals together for purpose, not always opinion, must decide to evolve. Accept new traits. Always Improving.

Time Travel can happen if the responsibility is understood by all individuals, "Accepting Terms & Conditions." One of the most arguable concepts being Privacy. The environment being recorded with all sorts of devices, what then? 

Knowingly integrated to rewind events that have recently or longingly taken place, from soon on out.

3D Laser Projection an effortlessly daunting decree.

- (A) Off-System Atomization (User to NPC adaptation). 

In addition to providing the codes to allow for ultra-hyper realistic settings within your computers, we want offline and outdoors to still be just as fun. Helping the planet unite itself with civilization. Not getting lost. Now online whether in the background or not, taking the usage tracker "Accept all Cookies" for example, websites track your usage so that your ads are more relatable, almost scarily. Almost.

Our systems are capable of being no room for error, meaning even better results when used properly. While offline, receive earnings and level-ups to enhance the online experience.

Helping to translate this information into a more understandable and truthfully, a more beneficial version of itself. Machine Learning done right.

Any videogame movements & coordination could be replicated to prestige at a slightly lower rate than normal. Your avatar would then have the ability to be the bot playing instead of randomly generated AI.

Language tracking, definition usage as well as account difference inspections after being alerted of any suspicious behavior. Instead of each business having their own application we could cross-examine the usage only when needed. A private company to help the people. Who and what to look for.

- (A) Counter-Balance Proposal (+/-), Non-Profit Studies.

Conscientious of the scientific understanding; socially we believe the opposite of an initially negative reaction is not truly positive, however, the opposite of a positive reaction is truly negative.

Meaning you need a solution in order to fix the problem at hand.

It does matter what initiated the irritation, but it cannot remain unmanaged unless there is a greater outcome because of it on all receiving ends. From disease to disaster. At what point is the destruction of weakness creation? Defining weakness briefly.

Weighing out the benefits to any situation requires multiple perspectives no matter the topic, even while isolated.

Treatment vs. Cure; Current vs. Ideal. A main focus of our organization.

Since the cancellation of radiation isn't impossible, then possible insulation to atomic explosions, cancerous cells, are now at a positive negative temperature base.


Freezing the shockwave. Extreme conditions aiming to be extremely manageable. Middle Earth. Again, where it's happening. The expansion theory, forming of hydrogen molecules over Time has shown the aging process to be quite awfully demanding.

Living in the belly of a whale for a moment, why do certain species survive under certain circumstances?

Equality, Acceptance of Disadvantage. The Law of Definite Proportion. Scaling out the scenarios. Utilitarianism.

- (A) FAM Agricultural Facilities (Food & More), Help End World Hunger


Centrally located "Market-Style" greenhouse facilities to hire from within the communities in which they are founded, dependent upon. The growth, maintenance, distribution, delivery and management services will give rise to diverse career opportunities where they are a necessity. Joining forces with humanitarian suppliers. Fruitful livelihood.

Crowd Funding, finding more ways for local farmers to sell their products directly to the customer, with deserving recognition going to the harvesters. Healthier & Safer Alternatives. Pick-up and Drop-off of products to the intended clientele.

Pay it forward. If an orange costs $2 and you happen to pay $4 for it, we will make sure somebody worthy will get an orange. Wholesale.

Rest/Service Area Drive-Through Vending Machines. Instead of having to get out of your vehicle, simply pull up like you would at an ATM or Fast-Food place, choose your snack, beverage of choice and be on your way! All proceeds to be donated to local charities.


- (B) Regenerative Acceleration, Braking & Heat. Infinite Storage Conductors (Ability of Constant Motion & Climate Control Conditions). 

Gas, electric, water; energy in general. We will always need more of it and there's always going to be new ways to sustain it, we enjoy staying on the forefront. Uncharted Territory. What if the same technology that was employing this energy was simultaneously creating it? You need a source. Generally, motion and heat are key to these series of processes. Fostering a self-defying loop of chemical reactions. Stored Kinetic energy.

We're not just talking cars that could theoretically drive forever. Every portion of Earth could potentially be inhabitable (to an extent). Making an impact in the growing community. Miniaturized heat conductors within your clothing so that winter becomes more enjoyable. Also following the ideas of artificial bioluminescence, employing more modern natural laws. 

Two steel plates and a fuse connected to a motherboard to help control thermodynamic temperature. One produces heat while parallel to the other. Dissipation controlled. Timers adjusted to setting preference(s). The regulation standards must be met graciously. Under these circumstances, if all technology was operating using these methods, one may only require resources. The jumpstart of energy so that it conducts itself properly from then on.

- (B) Blueprint Technology for Satellite Design(s). 

Referring back to Regenerative Acceleration and Braking methods. We have the mathematical ability to create an exact 1:1 model of the planets and moons (bodies of mass) around us using our software-code, we're going to need much more information to be able to render these depictions.


This technology already exists but can be improved. Between partnerships and funding these designs can be implemented seamlessly.

In years to come, we shall acknowledge the connection between celestial bodies and potential forms of communication, life.

A cylindrical turbine design to be fitted with 4-outer and 2-inner alternating electric-turbine motors to produce a self-sustaining Jetstream of power in addition to the systems in place. Will be installable to other satellite designs. An impactful amount of emergency direction. Avoiding collision and maintaining safe levels of debris in orbit.

Net structures to collect loose material along the way...

- (B) Anti-Gravity Electromagnetic Implosive Reversion Engine. 

Similar to a combustion engine, without the need for a large multiple of non-renewable resources. Very few materials could reach the speeds needed in order to create the start to such an implosion, utilization processes remain undiscovered on a commercial scale. Acquiring the bona fide materials then reducing the cost-structure after the initial prototype is complete.  A self-collapsing Hoberman sphere, checkerboard pattern of differing electromagnetic waves creates the acceleration and deceleration, rotations per minute (RPM) within a pressurized chamber surrounded by multiple spiraling filtration/exhaust manifolds to redirect the pressure created within a separate storage chamber.

The center of the Earth is spinning much faster than we are now. The centrifugal force is similar to gravity. When recreating these circumstances, the object itself is producing a large amount of resistance when traveling at these speeds. We only then collect the "run-off" of the force produced (the air around it), which can be collected within said storage chamber and exerted manually. Extensive research has been undergone in order to generate this form of wind-type energy before, only in small increments and outside of a self-pressurized chamber [Tungsten, similar to a hardened, flattened, and slightly bent nickel or dime-shaped shard rotating at the center of a ventricular orb at thousands of miles per hour (mph)]. The force placed on the spherical structure itself can also be measured as it shrinks due to "implosion."



- (C) Gyroscopic Travel Chambers (Earth & Space Transport Systems).

A strong factor for improving Mach-speed transport vehicles. Visualize a self-driving car attempting to set a new land-speed record while you and your friends are enjoying your time inside of a relaxed environment.

Advanced insulation providing the occupants pressure-sensitive relief while most "G-Force" is neutralized through all series of titanium bearings and counter-balance mechanisms. The inner cabin of the gyroscope must be the correct size so that it may support the integrity of the outer structure. Rather than being forced back into your seat, the "cabin" would tilt to adjust, even have position preference settings. Traveling this fast is extremely dangerous and is only done so by professionals, but with Autonomous Driving improvements and transportation regulations, you could have any number of camera display angles while laying down on your stomach, side or on your back comfortably at such incredible speeds. "Cage" moves, you don't. There is still pressure, only far less.

The interplanetary commute has been examined under these circumstances. Another cost to deduce. In respect to any astronauts or governmentally trained officials, civilians may now soon also be able to enlist in this extraterrestrial experience. There's a good chance you'll see Us there!

To travel to other galaxies, to know what's on the other end of a black hole, requires even more time and effort. Self-sustaining agricultural airships large enough and capable enough to travel for hundreds if not thousands of years, elastic nano-sized recording devices, self-pressurized turbine drone HoloVariables could roam space once employed by the user. Less risk for anyone. Satellites will always be necessity, but what will they look like?

We are welcome to the idea of certain patents, copyrights, and trademarks being bought outright by a receiving party with a critical understanding of seeing it through to completion.

Questions? We would rather clear up any confusion than to have you think it's improbable.


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