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Having yet "zero" affiliation with; The Metre Convention, also known as the Treaty of the Metre, an international treaty that was signed in Paris on May 20th, 1875, by representatives of the following 17 nations:

Argentina, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Ottoman Empire, United States of America, and Venezuela. There are now currently over 100 Member States.

The Treaty created the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM), an intergovernmental organization under the authority of the
General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM)
and the supervision of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM), that coordinates international metrology and the development of the metric system.


Cloudy Day


Why had only Thermodynamic Temperature been proven for on a Scale of Absolute Zero (0)?


There are many reasons for this being said. Every Nation on the Planet, Every University, College, Education System, Financial Institutions, The World's Most Powerful Governments,

Military Operations

(Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force), Companies, Businesses, Foundations, Organizations were initially lacking the ability to calculate such precise Measurements.

Historical Settlers, obviously still producing record findings. This will allow your calculations, technology to achieve more than the parameters passed down to us over generations.

We adapt to you and your business (pre-existing studies, technology), providing & continuing to provide the simulation or location software functions to the names on the devices you see every day.

We continue to progress.

If you're involved in basic or advanced work, then we can help you. Leveling the playing field with our integration methods.

Precision Based Equipment. 99% of the time it's the best on the market, but what happens if and when things go wrong? Can they be better prepared in any way, shape, or form? The best way to describe the conversion process is by comparing a present day, basic block-view "Autonomous Driving" system to our ability to utilize the equipment's exact shape (this allows you to construct 3-Dimensional structures rather than rectangles, stick-figure anomalies, then move them, track), peak quality performance. Better results, better product.

The MCC & Recognition Software to attain perfect atomization [either stationary objects in FSD systems databanks (permanent locations), or with cameras & other detection equipment, ready to recognize the model of the "vehicle(s), moving variables" seen around it.

A quantum leap towards future fields of study].

There is tremendous potential here.

Ten (10) steps ahead or trying not to get ahead of ourselves? The transitional line-of-sight could also potentially be intercepted from one recording device to another; with dedication one may see an uncanny resemblance to a familiar, fictional hardware you may recognize as "God's Eye" from the movie "Furious 7". 

Any standard CNC, 3D printing table & router bases its core fundamental knowledge on X, Y, Z axis information. Fundamentally (0,0) or (000,000) is the origination point. The International Dateline is Earth's. How many "zeros" can there undoubtably be?

The cost of engineering miscalculations happens to be one of the most unprecedented downfalls of some of the largest technological companies known to date.

A femtosecond (fs) is a decimal fraction of the second (1 x 10^15). This knowledge is key to Lasik Eye Surgery. A second is defined as the time taken by 9,192,631,770 cycles of radiation that comes from electrons moving between two energy levels of the caesium-133 atom.

This software, more specifically, infiseconds are unlimited (1 x 10^).

Typically, computers were only calculating up to 40-50 decimal places, not relative to the needle of a compass. If 10-12 decimal places are necessary for a more precise location, then you have to start to wonder what could happen after that?

Isolating any combination of these integers arithmetically so that you can then observe, code, and simulate the characteristics you deem necessary within your technology.

"Under a Microscope." Partnering, connecting to anterior and posterior medical devices, blockchain and simulation services. 

Repeated process supports sub-planetary structures, matrices.

(50.0000001 - ∞) decimal places; a single integer assuming the properties of a smaller body of mass (a smaller-Earth per say), all new media (un)necessarily shrunk down to proportion, online will appear just as any normal virtual simulation would. Not only spheres, multi-sided polygons (cubes, pyramids, separate plots of land) are also considered viable terrain.

The average cell phone has eight (8) corners. A rectangular prism. One of those corners can be divided infinitely. The seven (7) others can be divided equally or independently. Every line connecting those corners, everything inside and outside of that structure is again just as divisible. 

Who would think to check "Customer 1,234 out of 10,000's" personal data to see one of their tablet's infinite points of dimension was simultaneously housing a configured security system? Encryption. In addition to the systems already in place. 

Hidden in somewhat plain sight. Symbolic. Clockwise & Counterclockwise Rotations, Interval Association, Transformation.

Scientifically this could allow for the computational restructuring of DNA and RNA at a standstill with our size calculations. All Medical Devices and Surgical Equipment performing life-altering procedures will genuinely, hopefully see benefit as well. It's much easier to say one number is linked to a zoomed-in reference catalog (quantitative MRI scans) than to create a subatomic particle grid.

Active participation is the most influential quality of learning. The algorithms do in fact support the materialized visualization of Stephen Hawking's Multiverse Theory; being that every object, every point of dimension is infinite in itself, in relation to where it is at that moment. To reiterate, we cannot confirm that there IS a multiverse, only that there ABSOLUTELY can be. 

This is the only mathematical equation that can produce a true PERFECT visual depiction of our Universe. We will have to program all other SI unit-quantifications at a later Time (not Length). Scientists study our molecular basis on a reactive scale. We're looking to assist, while also focusing on a potential scale.

Proper Satellite, Telescopic, Radar, Lidar, Infrared Imagery Partnerships allowing for a 1:1, 1:100 rendition of any planet, moon, sun, asteroid, etc. (body of mass). We provide the math, help embed infiseconds (Factory Setting), so you can tell the numbers what to become.

Shaping the internet to the macrocosm around us.

Enhancing Your Location Functions. Let's say that the person or object that you're looking for is within a given distance (radius or grid, even triangulated), using your technology. Results are provided by various methods; satellite imagery, video, radar, and/or a signal being permitted from the device itself (motion detection), etc.  

The given points of Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude usually only specify up to 6 or 7 decimal places within advanced household technology, presenting you with the initial radius of at most ~4 inches, or ~1.11 centimeters (the width of a bottlecap, a ring, only 2-dimensional). Others' main logistics. 

There is technically an infinite number of zeros (unused potential integers) at the end of each range of coordinates typically unaccounted for. 90° 0' 00" North to -90° 0' 00" South, 180° 0' 00" East to -180° 0' 00" West, Altitude varies greatly, from negative to positive infinity. If all radii/grids were constructed absolutely and conditionally adjusted to demand, you would be viewing only a portion of our classified order of operations (labeled intersections).

As the object's more-and-less-noticeable dimensions travel through the rows and columns of "zeros" (degrees, minutes & seconds), each and every point of dimension within the object (its original measurements), can be coupled together and then converted into the adaptive range of coordinates in which it appears to occupy space based on location, provided by the initial results. Thus, the creation of the smart measurement.  So, when the numerator of a titled structure passes over the correlated denominator, that is when it represents a characteristic (and object) partially & holistically. Exact location after calibration with compatible program(s). 

None other has ever been capable. Finally, we have proof of absolute zero (0), in regard to length quantification (0is being the distance away from anything & everything observably located or simulated while in motion, the infinitely adaptive range of coordinates used to represent such computations), within the Universe, lab setting. Distance, radii can never be 0 meters, 0 inches, 0 nanometers, etc. (any other unit of measurement regarding length) referring mainly to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Zero (0) was a non-existent reference point (an undetermined median).

The size calculations, these measurements are never considered to be at a standstill because of natural vibrations, momentum of particles (protons, neutrons, electrons etc.), but still considered constants at a much greater scale, then trying to be found while in motion once again. We quantify far lesser exponents to navigate in the direction of true infinity (+/-) under overridden circumstances. From the beginning, computing the size at a standstill and knowing that it stays in motion.

Not the other way around. Only a[Titled Structure], 0is can be that identification. It is the matter occupying the space stated at the Time of observance. Seven (7) Quantifications, Three Main (3) Infinites (+/0/-∞). The structure is a loop, not linear. 0 is low energy, ∞ is all possibly energy states. Arguably, the infisecond should replace the meter because of prior aforementioned capacities.

We suggest you take a look at

"The Tower of Babel Theory (Radio Wave Interference Communication)" found in the Press Kit. If the same particles that exist today existed ~14 billion years ago, then there's a possibility the particles retained information (a particle infinitely a particle), perhaps some fraction of evolution was already there in a past-reconstructed life? Sound travels. Identifying the resemblance. If our message arrives in the past at a distant galaxy, with proper microscopic, telescopic lens devices, satellites, we could witness past gravitational waves, ripples back on Earth as well. Specific distances, position in orbit, specific days, years in the past observed. An ideal to be Satellite Imagery systems capable enough to Lip-Sync Dinosaurs, magnify sound vibrations, frequencies to recreate tones.

Is a subatomic particle ever truly isolated if not surrounded by an overlap of pre-existing subatomic particles? Particle Accelerators, Isolators recreating circumstances similar to that of the Vacuum of Space, controlled conditions allowing said particles to travel at the Speed of Light. Superconductors, Liquid Helium necessary to cool fusion. Is there a point within the Universe in which is unoccupied by our pre-existing knowledge of particles? Elements? What if each Quantification within the International System of Units was to be reproved on a scale of Absolute Zero (0)? To interact with the field, lacking, more so achieving a lack of all Quantifications, the Infinite Nothing, Everything we all somehow share.

Any "Planes, Trains & Automobiles." Don't forget submarines, unmanned and manned vessels. Everything in existence. You have a chance to stay ahead of the competition, once again being that it is scientifically & mathematically impossible to calculate exact location without the Moore-Cardinal Conversion Rate. Instruction manuals and someone who will assist you throughout the entire process. It costs very little to communicate, many of which conversations are led by those experienced enough to realize the inferred significance of such an understanding. First-Rate Software Development too. 

Influencing Your Design. Keep Up the Great Work! 

See Prior Mentioned Functions and Capabilities.

Beautiful Sunset


Follow us along this amazing journey as we begin to explore into the Metaverse! We can't wait to show you what's in store.

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Virtual Space-Travel


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